Saturday, May 10, 2008


Since I have not had time to work on the car myself and don't anticipate being able to anytime soon, I decided to try and enlist some help. A few engineering students from the local university have agreed to help finish the car. It is nice to have some new blood and enthusiasm for the project. These guys appear to be quite capable, and they work fast. I'll try and post up some pics as they come. I should note to anyone that has the new engine mount for the warp 9 with the dual shaft from ElectroAutomotive, the mount and the transmission adaptor did not line up properly, leaving the mount an eight of a turn from the bottom. It would appear that this problem was fixed on my end by the students noted above, by drilling a couple of extra holes in the mount. I'll notify EA so they can fix future mounts.
Anyway, I'll try to post pics as much as possible, but I will often not be around while these guys are working on it.