Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Bob's ups and downs...

Latest update:
I've been waiting for warmer weather for top off cruising and it has finally arrived. My next door neighbor and I went to see the B-17 at the airport. Silver cruises nicely at 65 on the freeway in 4th gear. No need for 5th. Coming home on the expressway and poof! All the lights went out. Another tow truck ride home. I told the driver the car was an experimental model. At home, the fix was easy. Another spade lug broke off. It needed a replacement so the tow truck was not a waste. These 12v problems could happen to a car with any kind of engine.

I'm working on a charger design so I will have something here when I send the Zivan in to get "profiled". I found very little on chargers to copy so I am starting from scratch with parts from Digikey. I'll let you know how this works out.

In the meantime I really like the way the car drives and handles. If I ever get the urge for more power and range, I have plenty of room for more batteries.