Sunday, July 29, 2007

Minor Delay...

I am putting in a few electrical parts and was shorted a part, so I will finish that step when I get the new part from ElectroAutomotive (or run off to Radio Shack if it takes too long). I was dreading this step, because there are a lot of little wires to hook up and other tedious tasks, but it is going okay, so far. I notice that the next step is to hook up the electric engine to the transmission. Wow, I wasn't expecting to be doing that for awhile. As soon as I get that done, I'll order the batteries, as it will free up some space in my garage.
I have a solar guy coming by this week to give me an estimate on putting up solar panels. I'm not sure that we can afford it at the moment, but this will give us an idea of the price, the number of panels and where they would be placed. I'll put up a post with all the details when the estimate comes in.

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