Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bon Voyage: Engine Going to Wyoming

I was finally able to get that engine out of my overburdened garage. My friend Charlie's self-proclaimed "redneck" brother-in-law was in town visiting from Wyoming and has been coveting the old engine since he heard about my project (I am kicking myself for not getting his picture). He plans to use it in a dune buggy and intends to keep it as a fuel injection dune buggy. I wish him well! He has promised to send a pic when he has it going. I picked his redneck brain, which seems to have that genetic understanding of all things car, for some tips on my upcoming attempt to change the suspension and a few other things. He, Charlie and I were able to lift the engine and put it in the pickup truck cab without too much trouble.
I was also able to do some of the wiring I had on hold, as Electro Automotive has come out of hibernation and sent me a part that I was shorted. I'll try and get that step up this week. There is a bit of a gap where I couldn't understand the instructions, but most of the step, which involved some spaghetti wiring (a type of spaghetti for which this Italian is not fond) is thankfully over. I should be getting to the suspension next weekend, while I wait for the new engine mount.

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