Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Bob Update: Number 3

I redid the charging configuration on paper and I'm about to test it. It relies on the aux contacts on the charger itself. The charger is Italian and the translation is not clear. I'm hoping that aux 2 closes as the trickle phase begins. That phase is not desired for lithium and I want to us aux 2 to stop the charging. Do any of your contacts know about this? I found a recessed male plug on ebay and I'll be using that.
The 914 tach would not work with an ordinary square wave coming from the tach board that I built. I think I told you that I modified the tach itself to get it to work. I was not satisfied with that, so I bought another on ebay and changed my driver until it did work. The design is such that the output looks a whole lot like the signal from a distributor. I don't know if all tachs need this, but I'm going to look into it.
I've been driving the car a little. My impression is that it does not feel like a Porsche. Every other one I've had felt light and nimble.

Could this be the lead sled I've heard about? As soon as I can verify the charger, I'll order lithium. I have a source that has a pretty good delivery schedule. The voltage for 40 lithium should be about the same as 20 lead.


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Luminary Crush said...

No doubt this has to do with the tonnage of lead you've added. My 914 is like a go-kart. I also added 911 front suspension and converted it to a 5-lug & use Boxter wheels and tires, which helps handling (though you could go with wider wheels/tires on your 4-lug). The 911 front end bolts right on, can be found relatively inexpensively and is heavier duty than the stock 914 running gear (decent thickness front anti-sway bar could help with the weight issue).
Maybe some of your weight problems are going away with the lithium batteries...