Saturday, April 28, 2007

Just a Few More Hours...

Well, Charlie and I got started around 2:30 and called it a night at 7:30 or so. In between we spent a lot of time cruising auto part stores after discovering the "CV bolt remover" did not fit in the CV bolts. The guys at Napa Auto Parts let us in behind the counter to look for the right tool. Covered in grease, we looked the part of a couple of car buffs who couldn't be bothered with their ineptitude.
After a lot of effort to get the right "12 star CV bolt remover" we realized that the CV bolts had apparently been switched to regular hex head bolts at some point over that past 37 years. Once we realized we had the right tool all along, a simple 6mm hex wrench, we were able to get back to work. Charlie was Zen-like in his unstoppable quest to undo the CV bolts.

Charlie becomes one with the CV Joint bolts.

I then worked on separating the the CV joints. Little by little, they separated, leaving an undulating explosion of grease, covered quickly by a plastic bag. It would be hard to say more about the experience without blushing.
Unfortunately, we had a lot more to take apart before we could get to the engine drop itself. It was getting a little dark and was becoming difficult to see, so we decided to finish the job tomorrow. I'll keep you posted.

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