Saturday, April 21, 2007

Looking for Mr. Fuel Pump

The next step will be to pull out the gas tank. I was going to wait until next weekend to do it, since I didn't have the Haynes Manual yet and still couldn't find the fuel pump, which can be used to drain the gas tank. I made the mistake of filling up the tank shortly after I bought it, so it has close to a full tank. Well, I was brimming with confidence after doing step 1, so I invited Charlie to drop by tomorrow and help me out with the fuel tank. I figured I had a whole day to find the fuel pump so it shouldn't be too hard.
I noticed online that the fuel pump in '71's was in the engine compartment. Later models; I think the '75 and 76 had a special compartment in the front trunk to store the fuel pump. A search of the engine compartment turned up a couple of things that might pass for a fuel pump, but I couldn't be sure.
Then it occurred to me that the Haynes Manual might have arrived in the mail and I decided to check the mailbox. There it was. I thumbed through the pages and found a picture of the fuel pump. It was clear from the picture that neither of my two candidates was the fuel pump. They turned out to be the fuel pressure regulator and the pressure sensor (I don't know what these things are either, so I'll be glad to yank all this stuff out of there).
Unfortunately, the picture of the fuel pump was only a close-up and provided no landmarks other than the "adjacent fuel filter." I could find neither of these in the engine compartment or the front trunk area. Finally, it occurred to me that perhaps it was under the car. I got down to take a look under the car and could see what appeared to be the "adjacent fuel filter". Because the car is so low to the ground, I couldn't get a good look under there without a decent jack. I will assume for the time being that the fuel pump is also somewhere under the car. I believe this was someone's modification. There is some mention in Pelican's maintenance series that lowering the fuel pump could prevent "vapor lock." Whatever that is, it sounds serious.
Anyway, I will go to plan B with the gas tank removal and just siphon out the gas. The fuel pump is getting a stay of execution until I get a new jack.

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