Friday, April 20, 2007

Step 1: Porsche Uncovered

Description: Removing the front hood, rear trunk and engine compartment cover.
Estimated Time: 30 - 40 Minutes, including a coffee break.
Caveats: Need a second person.
Tools Needed: Metric ratchet wrench (10 mm and 13 mm sockets)

Okay, this was even easier than expected...

Front Hood
The front hood is connected with 4 small bolts. I unscrewed the top one on each side, then had my lovely wife hold one side of the trunk, while I unscrewed the the bottom bolt on the side she was holding. Then I went to the other side and unscrewed that lower bolt while holding the bottom of the hood with my free hand and resting the hood on my shoulder. It does slide down easily once the bottom bolt removes, so be prepared to brace it. I had some newspaper underneath just in case. Obviously, have a place in your garage prepared for these. It wasn't particularly heavy. I am keeping all the little bolts in labeled, ziplocked bags as someone suggested on another blog.

Engine Compartment Cover
It's easier to do this before doing the rear trunk, as it will expose the bolts for the rear trunk when removed. There is only one small bolt on each side. Have someone hold on to the first side as you unscrew the bolt. It drops easily into the engine compartment as soon as it's unscrewed. One of the little bolts dropped right into the "hell hole" and it took awhile with a flashlight to locate it.

Rear Trunk
Same as the front. 4 small bolts, work with a second person. It's a little heavier than the front hood.

Here's some X-rated Pics of the naked Porsche after Step 1 is complete (I think they are work friendly):

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