Thursday, April 19, 2007

Time To Get Started...

While I await the "6 - 8 weeks" for delivery of the kit, there are a few things I can do. The two primary tasks are to remove the gas tank and drop the engine out of the car. Both of those have me a little nervous, particularly the engine drop (even though Pelican Parts only ranks it as a 4 out of 10 in difficulty). The first thing will be to remove the front and rear hoods and engine compartment cover. This is almost too simple to divide up as a task, but I'm hoping it will be a confidence builder, so I'll leave it as "Step 1". What I would like to do is number every step and eventually link these all together, so someone could just follow what I do in a step by step fashion without reading through the rest of my ramblings. Also, I can add advice and suggestions from others who do this before or after me. So if you know of an easier or better way than I do it, add a comment to the step.
Step 2 would be removing the gas tank, which also requires draining of the gas tank. For that, I am told it is best to siphon it out using the fuel pump, so I am going to wait for my Porsche 914 repair manual so I can locate the fuel pump. Okay, I'll come clean. I don't really even know what a fuel pump is. I assume it pumps the fuel. Step 3 will be the engine drop.
I'll do step 1 by myself this weekend, other than getting my lovely wife to help me make sure the hood doesn't drop when I unbolt it. My friend Charlie has shown some interest in the project and is thinking about doing his own electric car, so I might try to enlist his help during steps 2 and 3 when I get to them. He has his eyes on a Karmann Ghia, which would be a nice electric car, but doesn't have its own kit. So he can get the basics from my project (and make sure it's worth the effort), before doing one himself.

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Mr. T said...

Sounds dope. Good luck!!!