Thursday, June 28, 2007

Nuts 'n Bolts

I was just talking to someone about the "nuts 'n bolts of life," probably inspired by my electric car conversion. There is the idea of having an electric car and cruising around town and feeling all "green." Then there is the process of putting the thing together, the occasional screw-up, the frustrating delays, etc.
I wanted to get started on some of the installation this weekend after retrieving a large pile of parts from EA. I went through the instructions for installing the pot box and controller and realized that I don't have the little bag of nuts and bolts to attach the parts to the car, or the paper templates to tell me where to drill holes. Without those, I can't put anything in. Shari assures me that she will send them down shortly.
In the meantime, I notice in the manual that I will have to remove the two seats from the car to get access for that installation. So I at least have a project for this weekend which will be to remove the two seats. I'm hoping it's not that much harder than removing the hoods and engine compartment. I believe there is a how-to in the Haynes Manual and I'll try to get some pics and add the removal as a technical post while I wait for the nuts 'n bolts.

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