Sunday, August 12, 2007


I have been working on some of the mounts for the electric engine, but I've run into a problem. My engine has a shaft on both sides. Here is a picture of the unneeded rear shaft:

I should have noticed that this is different than the picture, but the manual is for the ADC model rather than the Warp 9 that Electro Automotive currently uses in the kit and I figured I would work around it. As I write this, it occurs to me that the rear shaft might be separate from the front shaft and perhaps is removeable. I'd go open it up and take a look except for the ominous warning in the EA instructions not to undo any bolts from the engine or you'll damage the coil. So I've written EA and the Warp 9 people and will wait for a response before going any further. The engine is quite heavy and would be tricky to reship if I have an incompatible engine. As it stands, I can't put the engine mount on because the rear shaft is in the way. One possible advantage of the rear shaft is the addition of a tachometer, but that is certainly outweighed by the possibility that it won't fit under the car with the tranny attached.

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