Saturday, August 18, 2007

Earth to Electro Automotive

Another Porsche 914 EV'er, Ted, e-mailed me and I'm thinking I might be able to work around the shaft issue and maybe even make some use of the rear shaft. I would feel a little more confident about it if I could get in touch with Electro Automotive and discuss the problem, but it has been well over a week and they have not responded to my e-mails. This project could be done in a few weeks if it weren't for these delays that require me to contact the ever-elusive Electro Automotive.


EV1990CAB said...

This is so true of Electro auto. Elusive and non -responsive. What are they hiding??? Why the non-professional attitude? If getting EV's out there is their game, they are committing various fouls along the way causing ???'s about integrity.

Anonymous said...

Buyers beware of doing business with Electro Automotive. Check their BBB rating and multitude of unresolved complaints filed by customers who've been ripped off.