Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Getting ready to put in the order.

So with tax and shipping, the DC conversion kit (called a "Voltsporsche Kit" will cost me $12,400. With the $3,600 for the car, I'm at $16,000. The other bigger expense will be the batteries, which I think are in the 1 - 2 thousand range. So this ain't cheap. I'm not doing this to save money obviously, but I think it is comparable to the price of a low to mid-priced new car and that gives me some comfort. I am going for a slight upgrade in the controller, which apparently improves acceleration, which added $570 to the price. Most of it should be here within 2 months of when I put in the order (they say), and I can get started before it all gets here. Here is a breakdown from the company, Electro Automotive:

$10,340.00 Voltsporsche Kit
$ 570.00 Controller & ammeter upgrade to 500A
$10,910.00 Subtotal
$ 900.08 Sales tax
$ 600.00 Shipping
$12,410.08 Total

Note: The motors and chargers drop ship, but you could save $400 if
you wanted to pick up the rest of the kit here. Lead time from
receipt of prepaid order is about 6-8 weeks for all parts. You could
get some parts sooner and start work. The battery racks and boxes
would probably take the longest.

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